Media Alert: Community Law Australia spokesperson available for comment

National Association of Community Legal Centres Chair and Community Law Australia Spokesperson Rosslyn Monro is available for comment at Parliament House today from 9am to 4pm to provide commentary on the impact of funding cuts to legal assistance services announced in the Federal Budget last night and additional funding for family violence.

  • Rosslyn Monro available for comment at Parliament House from 9am-4pm
  • Alternatively, Ms Monro is available on 0407 633 084
  • Ms Monro can provide commentary on overall funding cuts, impact of cuts, role of legal assistance in responding to family violence and the additional funding for family violence, the Productivity Commission’s Access to Justice Arrangements Inquiry Report and other related issues

Quotes attributable to Rosslyn Monro:

“This years Budget is a missed opportunity to reverse funding cuts to community legal centres of 30% from 1 July next year.”

“We are extremely disappointed that the Government hasn’t prioritised access to legal help for people across Australia”. 

“CLCs helped over 215,000 people with free legal advice last year and had to turn away over 160,000 largely due to a lack of funding – these are the people that will suffer as a result of this Budget”.

We welcome the additional funding for family violence, however it remains unclear how much of that will come to legal assistance services, and is unlikely to counter the impact of our overall funding cuts.

Community legal centres help people with a wide range of legal problems. While family law and family violence are our top two areas of law, reversal of the funding cuts in additional to any extra family violence funding is crucial to ensure we can continue to assist people in areas such as credit and debt, housing, employment, and social security.

Facing a deficit of $37.1 billion in this Budget we understand the Government needs to make difficult decisions. However, it has ignored the expert recommendations made by bodies such as the Productivity Commission in forming this Budget, in particular the clear view that investing broadly in legal assistance services makes economic sense, and that there is an urgent need for additional funding.

For further information or to arrange an interview contact:

Rosslyn Monro, Chairperson, 0407 633 084
Amanda Alford, Director Policy and Advocacy, 0421 028 645
Jackie Hanafie, Media Adviser, 0412 652 439