Important legal advisory service will improve access to Royal Commission

Community Law Australia today welcomed the launch of a legal advisory service to assist people considering engaging with the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

The service, called knowmore, can be accessed via national free phone call: 1800 605 762 or online:

Community Law Australia campaign spokesperson Carolyn Bond said that knowmore would ensure that people’s questions about the Royal Commission were answered and that people seeking to engage or provide information would be adequately supported to do so.

“knowmore is a community legal centre-led initiative, run through the National Association of Community Legal Centres Inc (NACLC). Community lawyers have the ideal skill set to carry out this work.

“It speaks volumes of the recognition of the quality legal help and education that community legal centres provide for people seeking to navigate complex legal processes such as the Royal Commission,” Ms Bond said.

“The staff team of community lawyers and counsellors/social workers that knowmore has assembled is first rate, and experienced in dealing with issues of trauma and abuse.

“The fact that they are committed to providing culturally safe services to those who require them is also worth noting, and may help to break down the barriers that can sometimes stop people from contributing to these processes.

“The entire community legal sector will support knowmore by referring on inquiries and clients to ensure they can get help with this process.

“It is commendable that the Federal Government recognises that people may need additional support and guidance when it comes to engaging with the formal legal procedures that the Royal Commission demands, particularly when it comes to such a sensitive and troubling issue as child sexual abuse and institutional responses to this issue.

“With survivor support services and now legal support services on hand for people seeking to engage with the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, to help the inquiry achieve its goal – to improve the responses of Institutions to ensure that abuse is not covered up or mishandled in future.

“This is an important resource for people and will help to support them through what may be a rather difficult and confronting experience. The expert assistance of knowmore will help people navigate the Royal Commission with support, guidance and an informed understanding of their options,” Ms Bond said.

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